OptiMax Glass Reactor Sets

From Small Scale Synthesis to Large Scale Characterization and Optimization

Glass reactors are ideal for research and development of compounds in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  OptiMax Glass Reactor Sets are available in various sizes, inert against most chemistries, easy-to-clean and can be equipped with a large number of METTLER TOLEDO as well as standard lab accessories.

Widely used in chemistry labs, the One-Piece Reactors for OptiMax are designed to meet the round bottom flask requirements.

The versatile Two-Piece Reactors for OptiMax have a bottom drain valve and are easy to set-up and clean. 

OptiMax Glass Reactor Sets are ideal for:

  • Chemical Synthesis
  • Reaction Optimization
  • Crystallization Studies
  • Scale-up Experiments

The optional Heat Flow Calorimetry Kit provides additional information regarding scalability and criticality of the reaction.
OptiMax Glass Reactor Sets
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 250 mL 1-Piece Reactor Set500 mL 1-Piece Reactor Set1000 mL 1-Piece Reactor Set250 mL 2-piece Reactor Set500 mL 2-Piece Reactor Set1000 mL 2-Piece Reactor Set
Temperature Range-40 °C - 180 °C-40 °C - 180 °C-40 °C - 180 °C-40 °C - 180 °C-40 °C - 180 °C-40 °C - 180 °C
Operating Volume50 to 250 mL70 to 500 mL200 to 1000 mL50 to 250 mL70 to 500 mL200 to 1000 mL
Bottom Drain ValveNoNoNoNoYesYes
Capable For CalorimetryNoNoYesNoNoYes
Material Number511628365116283551162834511628335116283251162831



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OptiMax Glass Reactor Sets