EasyMax Upgrade Kits

From Chemical Synthesis to Process Characterization

Replacing round bottom flasks and other simple parallel reactor systems, EasyMax Basic is the ideal parallel synthesis system.  EasyMax 102 and 402 Basic synthesis reactor systems can be upgraded to enhance control and data management capabilities.

The EasyMax BasicPlus and EasyMax Advanced levels present additional opportunities to:

  • Discover new synthetic pathways
  • Characterize conditions
  • Optimize reaction parameters

The upgrades overcome potential limitations and open virtually boundless opportunities for researchers to explore chemical reactions.

EasyMax Upgrade Kits
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TypeUpgrade for EasyMax Basic to EasyMax BasicPlusUpgrade for EasyMax BasicPlus to EasyMax Advanced
Upgrade forEasyMax 102 and 402 BasicEasyMax 2012 and 402 BasicPlus
Material Number3013367830133679


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EasyMax Upgrade Kits