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Stirrers for 400 mL 1-Piece Reactors

Stirrers for Efficient Mixing

One-piece reactors are easy-to-set-up and simple-to-use. Similar to the round bottom flask, the one-piece reactor uses half-moon-based PTFE stirrers combined with glass, PTFE-coated or metal shaft for efficient mixing.

Due to the varying diameters of the reactors, there are three different sizes offered for half-moon blades.

EasyMax Stirrers for 400 mL 1-piece reactors
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 Stirrer Shaft GlassStirrer Shaft PTFE-CoatedHalf-Moon Stirrer BladeHalf-Moon Stirrer Blade for PTFE-Shaft
Dimension242 mm (length)
8 mm (diameter)
242 mm (length)
8 mm (diameter)
15 mm x 40 mm15 mm x 40 mm
MaterialBorosilicate GlassPTFE-coatedPTFEPTFE
Suited for400 mL 1-piece reactor400 mL 1-piece reactor100/400 mL 1-piece reactor100/400 mL 1-piece reactor
Material Number30111614301389385116174930208853


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Stirrers for 400 mL 1-Piece Reactors