100 mL Glass Reactor Set - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

100 mL Glass Reactor Set

For EasyMax Reactor Systems

The EasyMax 100 mL one-piece glass reactor is designed to meet round bottom flask requirements. Compatible with METTLER TOLEDO and standard lab glassware, both magnetic and overhead stirring can be used.  The EasyMax 100 mL one-piece reactor can be set-up quickly, is easy to handle and improves the efficiency of your chemical synthesis and projects.

The 100 mL one-piece glass reactor fits with:

EasyMax 100 mL Glass Reactor Set
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Specifications - 100 mL Glass Reactor Set
Material Number(s) 51161805

Glass Reactor

Vmin: 30 mL
Vnom: 100 mL
Vmax: 150 mL

Temperature Range

-40 to 180°C

Pressure Range

Vacuum to ambient

Bottom Drain Valve


Suitable for Calorimetry



1 x ST10/19, 1 x ST14/23, 2 x ST19/26, center ST19/26


Borosilicate glass


Glass stirrer shaft with PTFE Half-Moon blade

Additional Accessories included

Non-height-adjustable stirrer adapter
Magnetic stir bar
Reactor stand for 100 mL reactor
Keck clamps


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100 mL Glass Reactor Set