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RTCal™ – Online Heat Flow Data in Real Time

Optimize Reaction Calorimetry

Save Time – Reduce Development Cost RTCal™
RTCal™ is a novel and leading edge technology that provides easy access to heat flow data online in real time without calibrations.
- Obtain heat flow data instantly
- Make adjustments to the actual chemistry in real time
- Optimize reaction and process parameters online based on heat flow data
- Enable orthogonal data validation

RTCal™ saves time, reduces resources and precious raw material and can translate into substantial reduction of development cost.

RTCal™ is a patented leading edge measuring technique which is based on heat flux sensor that are located on the wall of the reactor vessels.  Experiments with RTCal™ are independent of the properties or the behavior of the reaction mass. Hence, calibrations during the experiment can be left out which saves precious time.  The ease-of-use makes RTCal™ a true walk-up tool that the enhances the capabilities of the Reaction Calorimeter RC1e™ and its applications substantially.

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RTCal™ – Online Heat Flow Data in Real Time