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EasyMax 102 HFCal

Heat Flow Calorimetry for Process Safety Screening

A small scale reaction calorimeter designed for process safety screening, EasyMax HFCal (Heat Flow Calorimeter) provides reaction information early in the development process to improve the chemical workflow.  This data can be used to characterize, optimize and understand process parameters in a controlled, accurate and reproducible environment.

EasyMax 102 HFCal reaction calorimetry workstation provides thermodynamic information including:

  • Heat Transfer Coefficient
  • Specific Heat of Reaction Mass
  • Reaction Enthalpy
  • Heat of Reaction under both isothermal and non-isothermal conditions
  • Thermal Conversion
  • Adiabatic Temperature Rise

Independent of the scale, the EasyMax 102 HFCal calorimetric screening tool provides the true heat release pattern under both isothermal and non-isothermal conditions. EasyMax 102 HFCal identifies scalability issues and eliminates potentially unfeasible routes earlier – saving time, materials and costs.  This heat flow calorimeter allows chemistry decisions to be taken sooner enabling faster process development and safer scale-up.

iControl software determines heat flow, enthalpy, heat transfer and specific heat to understand reaction parameters and uncover potential safety issues. 

EasyMax 102 HFCal is available as an all inclusive Starter Kit (30090574) or by upgrading any existing EasyMax 102 Advanced reactor system with the Upgrade Kit EasyMax HFCal (30090576).

Heat Flow Calorimetry for Process Safety Screening
Specifications - EasyMax 102 HFCal
Dimensions (WxDxH) 120 mm x 40 mm x 170 mm
Precision Heat Transfer Typically +/- 4%
Accuracy and Precision Specific Heat Typically +/-12%
Accuracy Heat Flow Isothermal conditions: ± 3 % to 5 %;Non-isothermal conditions: ± 5 % to 10%;Based on comparison of qr_hf with qc resp. ∫qr_hf with ∫ qc
Calorimetry Type Heat Flow
Material Number(s) 30090576
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EasyMax 102 HFCal
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