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EasySampler Connectivity Kit

Information-Rich Sampling Experiments

The EasySampler Connectivity Kit enables integration of EasySampler function and sampling information with EasyMax Advanced, OptiMax, and RX-10 for chemical synthesis and process development. With the Connectivity Kit, EasySampler’s sampling data is automatically transferred to, and reported with, the referring EasyMax Advanced, OptiMax or RX-10 experiment via touchscreen or iControl, and shared through iC Data Center.

EasySampler Connectivity Kit
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Specifications - EasySampler Connectivity Kit
Material Number(s) 30110344

Supported Firmware

  • EasySampler: From Version*
  • EasyMax, OptiMax and RX-10 Firmware: From Version*
  • iControl: From version 5.5*

*Available August 1, 2016


Documentation for EasySampler Connectivity Kit

Product Documentation

EasySampler Connectivity Kit Quick Start Guide
This Quick Start Guide provides step-by-step instructions to connect EasySampler to EasyMax, OptiMax, or RX-10 using the EasySampler Connectivity Kit.
EasySampler Quick Start Guide
This Quick Start Guide provides step-by-step instructions to set-up EasySampler for unattended automated sampling.

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EasySampler Connectivity Kit