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OptiMax Magnetic Drive For 1-Piece Reactors

Prevent Solvent Losses and Gas Leaks

Are you running reactions at boiling point, planning for long term experiments over a few days or would like the reactor to be sealed and gas tight?

The OptiMax Magnetic Drive combined with glass reactors is the preferred solution for chemistry and development labs.  Designed for the OptiMax, the magnetic drive prevents solvent losses and gas leaks.  The magnetic drive is corrosion resistant and ideal for reactions that consume gaseous products or product off-gas.

The OptiMax Magnetic Drive For 1-Piece Reactors includes all the necessary items for vigorous stirring and can be used with the 500 mL and 1000 mL reactors.

OptiMax Magnetic Drive For 1-Piece Reactors
Specifications - OptiMax Magnetic Drive For 1-Piece Reactors
Material Number(s) 30113923
For Use With500 mL 1-Piece Reactor (51162835) 
1000 mL 1-Piece Reactor (51162834) 
Material of Wetted PartsAlloy C-22, FFKM (compound 6375), PTFE, PTFE C25
Stirrer Shaft155 mm, height adjustable
PTFE Half-Moon Stirrer Blade19 x 71 mm
Standard Joint AdapterST24
Stirring Speed30 rpm to 1200 rpm
Torque50 Ncm
Material Number30113923

Please note:

  • The magnetic drive can be used for both the glass and PTFE cover
  • The magnetic drive does not fit the 250 mL 1-Piece Reactor
  • Special kits are available to upgrade conventional overhead stirrer set-ups


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OptiMax Magnetic Drive For 1-Piece Reactors
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