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Jacketed Reactors Automation & Control in the Lab

Jacketed reactors automation allows control of pumps, thermostats, and stirrers on a single platform across all lab reactors.  With a singl...

Jacketed reactors automation allows control of pumps, thermostats, and stirrers on a single platform across all lab reactors.  With a single touchscreen interface, scientists capture all data and control reactors at any scale.

Automated chemical synthesis reactors consistently perform more experiments while capturing data automatically.


Jacketed Reactor in the Laboratory
Laboratory Reactor Data
Unattended Experiment Control with Touchscreen
Process Development and Optimization
Jacketed Lab Reactor Automated Synthesis Reactors
Crystallization Workstation

Products and Specs

Specifications for Automated Lab Reactor Control

Products and Specs
Supported Thermostats
Supported Stirrer Motors
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RX-10 Reactor Control
RX-10 provides an interface connecting any types and volumes of jacketed reactors to cryostats, thermostats, stirrer motors, and sensors. This allows...

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