What are the benefits of a weighing indicator with touchscreen?

Touchscreens enable easy and intuitive operation of devices and applications as they allow for direct, intuitive interaction on the screen — similar behavior as with your cell phone. Our touchscreen also works with the use of different types of gloves.

What features will be available to support data integrity?

Extended user role definition, e-Signature, Audit Trail log, pdf print out (excrypted SH256)

What types of data and scale interfaces does the IND400 weighing indicator support?

Weighing interfaces include analog or SICSPro (one-scale solution). Data communcation interfaces include RS232, RS485, Ethernet TCP/IP, WIFI, DIO, USB host, or USB device (two interfaces can be selected).

For which segments/industries was the weighing indicator developed?

IND400 is designed for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and manufacturing environments.

Which applications run on the IND400?

Over/under checkweighing, data integrity, counting, manual filling, animal weighing