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Compression Weigh Modules

A compression weigh module is designed so that its top plate and base plate will be squeezed toward each other when weight is applied to it, and it can be attached directly to the ground, piers or structural beams. Compression weigh modules are typically used in multiples under large platform scales such as truck and railroad track scales and in tank, hopper and silo weighing. Capacities for compression load cells, which are within compression weigh modules, range from 3 kg to 300 tons.

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Load Cell Diagnostics

To avoid bad batches and provide maximum uptime, PowerMount™ weigh modules monitor individual load cells "real time" and provide alarms in case of a failure. Load cell overload, drift and system symmetry are constantly monitored and logged, and you are immediately notified if anything happens. Read more

Proper Weigh Module Installation

Proper Weigh Module Installation

Proper Weigh Module Installation

The PinMount™ and PowerMount™ weigh modules help to ensure proper scale system installation, right from the start. Following the installation steps shown in this video, the tank scale installation process is significantly sped up. The weigh modules are also designed for dynamic-loading applications such as conveyors, mixers and blenders. Read more. Read more

Compression Weigh Modules

RapidCal™ Hydraulic Calibration

RapidCal™ calibration is fast and does not require any test weights or calibration material, thus eliminating the waste of purified water. A sophisticated hydraulic system is used to apply the test load, measuring precisely to desired references while also accounting for piping effects. The achievable accuracy is 0.1%, which is viable for most tank scale applications. Read more

Full Safety Onboard

SWB505/SWB515 MultiMount™ features ensure correct scale system installation, right from the start. These weigh modules do not compromise on safety – all safety features are built-in. The rocker pin design provides the highest level of weighing accuracy. Service features, including SafeLock™ provide easy and trouble-free installation. Watch the video. Read more

Compression Weigh Modules

Buying Guide: Weigh Modules and Load Cells

Compression weigh modules are used to create scales when standard scale products are not available. The scales created can be customized platform or conveyor scales, tanks, hoppers or reactor vessels. Needless to say, weigh modules must be carefully chosen to provide the required performance over their lifetime. Read more

Compression Weigh Modules

Safety Ratings for Weigh Modules

Weigh modules provide highly accurate inventory control inside tanks. This free white paper for engineers and project managers explains safety ratings and shows how weigh modules undergo full-load tests to ensure high uptime and avoid accidents. Read more

Compression Weigh Modules

Dos and Don'ts for Custom Scale Design

Designers and manufacturers of custom weighing systems must be mindful of many factors to achieve a safe, reliable, and accurate scale in daily operation. In providing consultancy and service for our customers worldwide, we come across common scale design and installation errors that could have been avoided with a little forethought. Read more

Compression Weigh Modules

Engineering Handbook for Tank Scales

We offer the most comprehensive handbook on how to design tank-based weighing systems available in the industrial market today. If you work in engineering, operations, or integration and desire to learn more about the applications and use of tank-based storage and weighing systems, then this free, downloadable resource is for you. Read more


Modular Weighing for Automation

Cutting-Edge Performance

Through ultra-fast processing connected to the world's most widely used PLCs, the IND360 terminal helps to boost productivity and increase operational uptime. Use the condition monitoring and Smart5™ alarming to ensure your system is performing as expected and to react quickly if issues arise. Read more

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FAQs - Compression Load Cells

What is a compression load cell?

Commonly customers are looking for compression load cells to integrate compression type load cell solutions into their application. Compression load cell solutions are based on compression load cells and ideal for high capacity load cell applications. A compression load cell with digital readout – when provided by a trusted supplier is an ideal high capacity load cell solutions for heavy capacity weighing. A complete set of engineering specifications for compression load cell, tension load cell, static load cell with load cell price and load cell material can be found in the engineering handbook.

What is the working principle of a compression load cell?

Compression load cells are suitable for most weighing applications. These compression load cells are used in compression weigh modules and can be attached directly to the floor, piers, or structural beams. The tank or other object is mounted on top of the compression weigh modules. A typical compression weigh module consists of a compression load cell, a top plate (which receives the load), a load pin (which transfers the load from the top plate to the load cell), and a base plate (which is bolted to the floor or other support surface).

What is high capacity load cell?

METTLER TOLEDO is the largest provider of compression load cells globally including high capacity load cells. These high capacity load cells are very robust and have a rated capacity of 300tons per compression load cell. This is important, because providing the highest accuracy by closely matching the application capacity to load. The comprehensive range of compression load cells covers everything from 3 kilograms up to 300 tons without any compromise on safety

What are the best load cells for compression testing?

POWERCELL® compression load cell with digital readout inside PowerMount™ weigh modules feature an onboard processor that provides condition monitoring and immediately adjusts to environmental changes. This makes them the ideal compression load cell to perform compression load cell testing. POWERCELL® compression load cells ensures accurate weighing regardless of the effects of vibration and temperature, assisting machine and equipment builders in maximizing the production yield for their customers.

Where can I buy a compression load cell with digital readout?

While METTLER TOLEDO can be considered a compression type load cell supplier, we like to consider ourselves more of a full solution provider. We can provide solutions for compression load cell with digital readout for the applications required at your operation. A compression load cell with digital readout can be used for many different applications, and the readout is key to ensuring traceability of processes. For this reason, a fully reliable compression type load cell solution, from a reliable load cell supplier, is key to your operations success.