6510i Dissolved Ozone Sensor with ISM - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

6510i Dissolved Ozone Sensor with ISM - Discontinued Product

Dissolved Ozone Sensor Incorporates Benefits of ISM

Ozone sensor with ISM allows users to utilize the full benefits ISM has to offer. These features enable users to maximize the lifetime of the sensors and minimize down time to perform routine maintenance.

The Ozone 6510i sensor with ISM operates with the M300 ISM and M800 transmitters.

Discontinued since: Jan, 2018

Replaced with: Dissolved Ozone Sensor pureO₃

Robust and Reliable Ozone Measurement

The pureO3 dissolved ozone sensor provides rapid and accurate measurement across a wide range of ozone concentrations. It uses Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology to provide predictive diagnostics for low-maintenance, in situ measurement.

Ensure Sanitization Completion
Monitor ozone after sanitization. Ozone destroys organics and microorganisms better than chlorine and more economically than thermal processes.

Simple and Low Maintenance
The pureO3 dissolved ozone sensor uses a 1-piece membrane for fast start-up and easy maintenance.

Built-In Predictive Diagnostics
This ozone sensor provides enhanced diagnostics to ensure that your sensor is working properly when you need it, and helps maximize sensor lifetime.

Accessories - 6510i Dissolved Ozone Sensor with ISM

Specifications- 6510i Dissolved Ozone Sensor with ISM

Specifications - 6510i Dissolved Ozone Sensor with ISM
Operating range 0-5000ppb (mg/l)
Accuracy +/-4% or 3ppb
Cable and connections 1-10m (3 to 33 ft)
Material Polycarbonate or 316 stainless steel flow housing, probe, silicone rubber membrane
Response time at 25 °C (air --> N2) 90% in 30 sec
Temperature range °C 0-60C sample temp (32-140F)
Sample flowrate 200-500 ml/min with housing
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