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S40-K SevenMulti™ pH meter (Kit version) - Discontinued Product

SevenMulti™ – Modular expansion

SevenMulti™ pH meter - professional performance with modular expansion possibilities at any time!
pH-Meter S40 complete, additionally with: InLab® Expert Pro "3-In-1" pH electrode, buffer sachets (2 each ; 4.01, 7.00 and 9.21), buffer sachet holder, guide to pH measurement and certificate.

S40-K SevenMulti™ pH meter (Kit version)
S40-K SevenMulti™ pH meter (Kit version)

Discontinued since: Oct, 2012

Replaced with: SevenExcellence pH meter S400

Unmatched lab performance.SevenExcellence S400-Basic, pH/mV benchtop meter

Professional and flexible

Supports pH, ORP and ISFET measurements. Further flexibility through a method-based approach, and numerous measurement and calibration options.

Professional pH calibration

Extra security with calibrations, thanks to methods with strict user guidance and monitoring of offset and slope.

Efficient workflow support

The complete measurement cycle from data input to result output is efficient and intuitive.

Accessories - S40-K SevenMulti™ pH meter (Kit version)

Specifications- S40-K SevenMulti™ pH meter (Kit version)

Specifications - S40-K SevenMulti™ pH meter (Kit version)
Material Number(s) 30046241
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