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DR40 Combined Meter

Density meter and Refractometer in one housing

The DR40 Combined Meter is a compact, powerful and unique system for the simultaneous determination of density and refractive index. It combines the advantages of our digital DE density meters and RE refractometers with a minimum of bench space required.

DR40 Combined Meter
DR40 Combined Meter
The extended measuring range for refractive index makes the DR40 the ideal instrument for quality control of flavors and fragrances or petrochemical products.
Features and Benefits
Main features:
• Two built-in Peltier thermostats for density and refractive index measuring cell.
• Fully automatic viscosity correction for the density measurement.
• Memory cards available for method transfer and data storage.
• 9 user methods (+1 for adjustment).
• Automation: sampling pump SC1 or sample changer SC30 required.
• Up to two calculation formulas or tables per method may be entered to calculate results based on the measured density, the refractive index or both values.
• Barcode reader connection to easy read in sample ID and operator names.
• Connection to computer for data handling.
• If required, one of the two measuring cells may be deactivated for the measurements, instrument checks and adjustments.
• Adjustment with air & water or certified standards.
• Special CHECK function for regular instrument check.
• The last 10 CHECK and ADJUSTMENT data are stored and can be recalled and printed out anytime.
• Printout of the results with all important data like operator name, date, time and serial number of the instrument.


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DR40 Combined Meter
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