IND560 Weighing Terminal - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

IND560 Weighing Terminal - Discontinued Product

Versatile Technology for Focused Weighing Solutions

The IND560 represents the latest in METTLER TOLEDO technology and is the most versatile weighing terminal available today. Choose from conventional strain gauge or high precision electromagnetic force restoration weighing technologies. Specify direct PLC or PC communication interfaces, or digital I/O control. Combine these selections with the option of panel or desk/wall/column-mounting, and the IND560 is the perfect match for almost any weighing application in many industries.

Discontinued since: Feb, 2016

Replaced with: IND570 Industrial Weighing Terminal

Power and Performance for Advanced Weighing Applications

Designed for performance and versatility, the IND570 is the easy choice for integration in even the most challenging industrial weighing applications. The terminal's advanced capabilities and multiple connectivity options ensure reliable and accurate management of weighing applications, to satisfy industry's ever-increasing demand for measurement accuracy, reliability, efficiency and traceability.

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User Manuals

IND560 User's Guide
Proper use according to this User’s Guide and regular calibration and maintenance by our factory-trained service team ensures dependable and accurate...

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Specifications - IND560 Weighing Terminal
Trade Name IND560
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