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At a glance it is impossible to know which scale is correct, and which scale is not. Let's compare these scales and how they are calibrated:


Scale 1

Scale 2

Load cells




Manual, time consuming, limited 
Automated, quick, easy, precise  

Error before calibration   

140 lbs.20 lbs.
Error after calibration

100 lbs.

0 lbs.

Scale 1

Scale 1 uses common analog load cells. Calibration requires tedious manual adjustments to small knobs inside multiple junction boxes. After a long calibration process, the scale weighs within the legal error tolerance, but is not perfect. The actual weight of the truck on scale 1 is 100 lbs. more than the weight displayed. That's 100 lbs.-worth of revenue loss for the business on this truck alone, and the size of that error will grow until the next recalibration.

Which Scale is Wrong?
Common analog load cells

Scale 2

Scale 2 uses POWERCELL® PDX® load cells. Inside each load cell is patented technology that constantly corrects for multiple factors that affect weighing accuracy. Calibration is automated by pressing a few buttons on the scale terminal, with no tedious manual adjustments and no problem-causing junction boxes. Not only is the calibration easier, it is also more precise. The result? The actual weight of the truck on scale 2 is what the scale shows. There's no revenue loss on scale 2, and the scale maintains this high accuracy over time.

Which Scale is Wrong?


Having an accurate scale is more important than just meeting minimum legal tolerances. The real accuracy difference between these scales makes a difference in revenue for the business with each and every transaction.  

Next steps

METTLER TOLEDO offers numerous ways to improve your scale, reduce repair costs and protect your revenue.

  • Weighing system upgrades
  • Vehicle Scale Health Checks
  • Expert calibrations

Weighing system upgrade

We can convert many types of vehicle scales to use a new state-of-the-art POWERCELL PDX weighing system. This makes the scale more accurate and reliable, while extending its operational life.

Vehicle Scale Health Check

A Vehicle Scale Health Check includes a detailed inspection of your scale with optional performance testing beyond the basic calibration. This gives you a clear picture of how you can improve and protect your scale.

Expert calibration

Our technicians have extensive training to improve the weighing performance of any scale. In many cases, we can calibrate a competitor's scale to a higher accuracy than the manufacturer's own service teams.