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Cubing Systems

Generate revenue and improve processes by investing in an automatic cubing system. Parcels, pallets, no matter what kind of goods you handle, automatic cubing will improve operational profitability and efficiency.
Cubing Systems
Cubing Systems

Automatic Parcel Cubing

Whether you are looking for a simple-to-install, static measuring system, or a fully automated, in-line solution, we have a full range of parcel cubing systems to meet different operational and budget needs.

  • Legal for trade cube and weight data
  • Automatic identification
  • Easy integration to existing IT infrastructure



Cubing Systems
Cubing Systems

Automatic Pallet Cubing

Our CSN840 Pallet™ cubing, weighing and scanning system accurately calculates cube size and weight of pallets and larger items. Data is automatically transferred to your existing IT system.

  • Accurate cube and weight data on any shape
  • Measures all surfaces
  • Legal for trade measurement and storage


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