For 10X Genomics USA Library Prep Customers - Special Offer

Special Offer

For 10x Genomics USA Library Prep Customers

To assure the highest quality and most reproducible NGS libraries, 10x Genomics is partnering with Mettler-Toledo Rainin to offer, USA based, 10x Genomics customers substantial discounts on Rainin Pipet-Lite® XLS+™ single and multichannel LTS® pipettes and BioClean® LTS tips.

MT-Order No.Product DescriptionPercent Discount
Pipet-Lite XLS+ Single Channel Pipettes with LTS
17014382L-1000XLS+, 100-1,000 µL20% off List Price
17014384L-100XLS+, 10-100 µL20%
17014388L-10XLS+, 0.5-10 µL20%
17014391L-200XLS+, 20-200 µL20%
17014392L-20XLS+, 2-20 µL20%
17014393L-2XLS+, 0.1-2 µL20%
Pipet-Lite XLS+ MµLtichannel Pipettes with LTS
17013802L8-10XLS+, 0.5-10 µLL20% off List Price
17013803L8-20XLS+, 2-20 µL20%
17013804L8-50XLS+, 5-50 µL20%
17013805L8-200XLS+, 20-200 µL20%
Low Retention BioClean LTS Tips
170079541000 µL, 768 LTS tips, 8 racks, presterilized, filter20% off List Price
1700795720 µL, 960 LTS tips, 10 racks, presterilized, filter20%
17007961200 µL, 960 LTS tips, 10 racks, presterilized, filter20%

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This special one-time price discount is valid for 10x-Genomics customers that have purchased 10x-Genomics NGS Library preparation products..

For customers who already have Rainin products and need to reorder, please contact your local Rainin representative by filling out the lead form below. Your Rainin representative can provide you with order information and address your specific pricing requirements.


Rainin, Pipet-Lite, LTS, BioClean, Pipetting 360 are registered trademarks and XLS+ is a trademark of Mettler-Toledo Rainin, LLC.