Pipette Service - Calibrate Lab - METTLER TOLEDO
  • Quick turnaround, with four ISO 17025 accredited service labs across the North America
  • We service all brands of pipettes — most with manufacturers' original parts (Eppendorf, Gilson, Thermo Fisher, Sartorious)
  • We service all pipettes types – single channels, multichannels, Liquidator 96 and BenchSmart 96
  • Free inbound shipping

Service Plans

All plans include:

  • Full preventive maintenance
  • Liquid leak test on all nozzles
  • Adjustment to manufacturer’s tolerances
  • Calibration certificate with detailed results
  • Calibration label
Preventive Maintenance
As Found
As Returned
Calibration Certificates

Standard Plan

Labs with routine service

Perfect for Academic

4 test weighings
@ 10% and 100%
Standard Certificate

Advanced Plan

When prior performance matters

Pharma Biotech Clinical
research labs

4 test weighings
@ 10% and 100%
4 test weighings
@ 10% and 100%
Standard Certificate

Accredited Plan

For complete ISO 17025 documentation

ISO 17025 & regulated labs

4 test weighings
@ 10% , 50% and 100%
10 test weighings
@ 10% , 50% and 100%
ISO 17025 Certificate
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