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Introducing GPSS

The Next Step in State-of-the-Art

Rainin launched its new Global Pipette Service System (GPSS) in mid-2017. This state-of-the-art, thoroughly validated and CFR 21 Part 11-compliant calibration software system was developed by Rainin and reflects our decades of pipette service experience. The system is used by all Rainin and METTLER TOLEDO pipette service organizations globally.


Benefits of GPSS include: 

  • Calibration certificates that are easier-to-read. 
  • Serial and asset numbers are now included in the body of the report, making it easier to locate the calibration certificate for a specific instrument. 
  • Calibration data will still be provided in mass and volume, but the new certificates display the volume in microliters, not milliliters, making the data easier to interpret. 
  • Rainin work order numbers are now referenced on the certificates. 
  • The software is CFR 21 Part 11 compliant. 
  • Certificates can be delivered in paper or pdf format. 
  • Pipette calibration data can be provided as an Excel file. 
  • You will receive a calibration Summary Report with the status of instruments based on the results of the calibration.   


Download Sample Certificate

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is GPSS?
  • The Global Pipette Service System (GPSS) is a new pipette calibration and order management software platform intended for use at all Rainin and METTLER TOLEDO service centers across the world.
  • Who made GPSS?
  • GPSS was designed by Rainin and programmed in conjunction with METTLER TOLEDO's software development team in Switzerland
  • Is it validated and compliant?
  • GPSS has been fully tested and validated. A validation report is available on request.
  • Does it support ISO 8655 calibration requirements?
  • GPSS has been designed to meet the requirements detailed in ISO 8655 part 6, Gravimetric Methods for the determination of measurement error.
  • Does the new calibration certificate meet all regulatory requirements?
  • Yes, the new certificate meets requirements specified by ISO 8655 and ISO 17025. A sample certificate is available for review.
  • Does it meet the requirements of CFR 21 part 11?
  • Yes, GPSS has a full audit trail, user permissions and groups, electronic signature sign off and a robust database with restricted access.
  • Can GPSS produce paperless certificates?
  • All reports and certificates can be provided in PDF format with full electronic signature sign off meeting CFR guidelines
  • Can you give more specifics on the electronic sign-off?
  • Fully compliant electronic signature sign-off (not just a printed image). Every calibration record is signed off with password and audit trail.
  • How will these electronic certificates be supplied?
  • Either by email or on a flash drive sent back with the pipettes.
  • How is data captured?
  • Balance data is captured live and transferred directly to the software. There is no option for the technician to input results manually. Environmental data can be entered either electronically or manually.
  • What about historical data about my pipettes that was collected prior to implementation of the GPSS?
  • Historical data for pipettes that have been regularly serviced by Rainin or METTLER TOELDO was transferred to the GPSS.
  • How will this affect the graphical historical diagrams showing pipette service history?
  • Pipette data for regular Rainin and METTLER TOLEDO service customers appears in the graphs; new or intermittent service user will build a new history
  • How long will historical data from the prior pipette management system be maintained?
  • The system GPSS replaces will be maintained in legacy mode for as long as possible and we will be able to reproduce certificates for at least 7 years.
  • What happens if your server crashes?
  • GPSS is used by the service centers and in the field. All data is secure and backed up both locally and at each server location in line with METTLER TOLEDO standard guidelines.
  • If I have my pipettes serviced at different Rainin Service Centers, will all my records be kept in the same database?
  • All databases merge replicate to one central database, accessible to all Rainin and METTLER TOELDO service centers
  • What measures are in place to keep my calibration information secure?
  • Only trained and authorized METTLER TOLEDO employees have access to GPSS through users, groups and permissions.