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What can you learn by sending us your product?

Our Applications Center Specialists can test your product based on your specifications and will provide results to you in a comprehensive report. Our capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Test a variety of product types including packaged and unpackaged, bulk, pharmaceutical, temperature controlled, and more
  • Determine the size and type of contamination, mass and weight detection, label verification and a variety of additional integrity checks
  • Provide you with proof of performance and test reports of results prior to purchase
  • Host live demonstrations at our state-of-the-art facility in Tampa Bay, Florida or virtual demonstrations for those unable to travel - click here for more information about our eDemos


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Checkweighers have long been a key element of production operations, as they are capable of far more than just weighing, and can actually optimise your whole production process. Benefits of a checkweigher include:

  • Avoid costly fines with 100% weight inspection
  • Keep fillers operating in synchronization
  • Save material, so as to produce more products and profits
  • Improve production processes and equipment efficiency
  • Save labor and personnel costs
  • Reduce false rejects and rework
  • Maintain the identity of your brand
  • Select checkweighers can be used in hazardous locations