Safeline X-ray Radiation Training


Duration and Style Overview:

  • Operator Radiation Safety Training
    Approximately 2-3 hours, depending on training requirements. Classroom setting.
  • Radiation Safety Officer Training
    Approximately 4-5 hours, depending on training requirements. Classroom and hands-on in front of machine.
  • Written Radiation Protection Plan
    Approximately 4-5 hour encompassing plan development, training and site survey.

The above classes can also be combined in a manner that suits your individual needs.

For more detailed information about our Radiation Safety Training Programs for x-ray inspection, please download our free brochure at the link below. 

Download our Free Brochure:

X-ray Radiation Safety Training Brochure

Thank you for your interest in the METTLER TOLEDO Safeline Radiation Safety Training Program for x-ray inspection. We offer several comprehensive training programs designed to ensure your facility is compliant with federal and your specific state's regulations. These classes can be tailored to meet your individual facility's needs. Our training programs are designed to provide your employees with the knowledge and skills to ensure the safe operation of x-ray inspection equipment and comply with all of your state radiation safety laws.

  • Operator Radiation Safety Training - Covers all topics required by 10 CFR Part 20 (or state equivalent) as pertains to cabinet x-ray euipment and includes a course exam. This training is perfect for seasonal and new employees, or anyone needing an annual refresher course.
  • Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) Training - Builds on the Basic Operator training and includes in-depth training on federal and state laws as it relates to the role of the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) of cabinet x-ray equipment. An RSO exam follows the course and a certificate is issued upon completion.
  • Radiation Protection Plan Training - Each state requires plants with x-ray equipment to have a written radiation protection program (RPP). This training focuses on plan development to ensure regulations, safety practices and effective protection policies are in place. With an effective RPP, your operations can achieve compliance with (ALARA) standards.

Learn more about our Radiation Safety Training Programs by downloading our brochure or by completing the form below.