METTLER TOLEDO Procurement Integrations

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METTLER TOLEDO is ready to partner with you to build a secure electronic connection to your ERP system - custom to your organization. Manage your complete procure-to-pay process within your own procurement system. Browse and select products from our online PunchOut catalog, return back to your system to review your cart, and submit your purchase order electronically.  With a full end-to-end integration, we help you to simplify, automate and accelerate processes related to each stage of your purchasing cycle.


Simplify purchasing and unlock value with our Procurement Integration Solutions

Our eProcurement Solutions

Our  integrated procurement solutions allow you to establish a direct electronic connection with METTLER TOLEDO and streamline your procure-to-pay process, including:

  • PunchOut Catalog or static eCatalog
  • Purchase Order Integration
  • Order Acknowledgement
  • Advanced Shipping Notice
  • Invoice Integration


Integrate with METTLER TOLEDO now

Automating your procurement process can help reduce errors, lower your costs, and provide control and visibility to the products you are buying.

Contact your local Sales Representative or our eCommerce Team to discuss your options and get started with your integration project.

Leverage the full potential of your integration

Already integrated with METTLER TOLEDO? 

We are committed to making your procurement integration a success. Our eCommerce Teams supports you with rolling out your integrated solution within your organization.

Benefit from our tools and resources to ensure a successful communication to your end-users.

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Benefit from your METTLER TOLEDO Procurement Integration

Connecting with METTLER TOLEDO can greatly reduce the amount of time and resources required to procure products and help you to achieve greater efficiencies throughout your entire Procure-to-pay process. Automate and streamline your procurement processes both online and offline.

Automating procurement processes helps you to:

  • Reduce errors
  • Lower costs
  • Reduce manual transactions
  • Control unauthorized spend
  • Expedite the approval process
  • Reduce delivery and payment cycle times
  • Gain control and visibility on the products purchased

To achieve the greatest benefits of electronically connecting your procurement system with METTLER TOLEDO, we recommend leveraging our full end-to-end integrated solutions, including: PunchOut Catalog, Purchase Order Integration, and eInvoicing.

How to integrate with METTLER TOLEDO?

Are you interested in integrating your procurement system with METTLER TOLEDO?

We follow a defined and collaborative approach to build your integrated procurement solution.

Our eCommerce and Procure-to-Pay Integration Specialists will coordinate the integration project and build a stable and successful solution. We will work with your IT and Procurement department to analyze your requirements and ensure a smooth project management.

To kick-off the process of integrating with METTLER TOLEDO, please contact our eCommerce Team. Your METTLER TOLEDO eCommerce Representative will initiate a discovery process while working with our internal Procure-to-Pay Integration Specialists to determine the best solution for your procurement needs.

Which marketplaces, platforms and formats does METTLER TOLEDO support?

Find here a list of marketplaces METTLER TOLEDO is compatible with. If you do not find your procurement system on the list, we will review your requirements and determine how we can best meet your expectations.

  • Ariba
  • Coupa
  • ESM
  • Hubspan
  • Hubwoo
  • Intermall
  • Jaeggar
  • LabCloud
  • Lawson
  • Oracle
  • Parabilis
  • Perfect Commerce
  • Point Purchasing
  • Prendio
  • Science Warehouse
  • TradeShift
  • Tungsten
  • Prodigo
  • Zageno
  • Ivalua

We support the following integration formats:

  • Product selection with PunchOut catalog: cXML, OCI
  • Purchase Order integration : cXML, ANSI X12
  • Order Confirmation: cXML, ANSI X12
  • Advanced Ship Notification: ANSI X12
  • Invoice Integration: cXML, EDIFACT

How to use your METTLER TOLEDO PunchOut Catalog?

Leverage the full potential of your integration

METTLER TOLEDO is here to support you in leveraging the full potential of your newly established integration. Learn more about your new integrated solution in the short video below.

For a successful business go-live and easy transition make sure your organization is fully ready to benefit from your integrated solution. We support you with communication and trainings resources:

Communicate the integrated solution in your organization

METTLER TOLEDO supports you in communicating your new eProcurement Integration to your procurement teams and end-users through email communication sent straight from us to your buyers.

Train your procurement teams and end-users

We train your procurement teams and end-users by offering online or onsite training and end-to-end walk-through sessions to learn how to utilize your integrated solution. 

Leverage the full potential of your integration

Track your transition. We provide an annual eProcurement Snapshot on request. This report will give you visibility into your organization's online procurement activity.