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SmartGrid for efficient weighing

SmartGrid – the new weighing pan with grid structure
With the new XS analytical balance, METTLER TOLEDO has given a refreshingly new interpretation to weighing. Reason: a weighing pan with grid structure which thanks to being uniquely supported on the back wall of the weighing chamber "floats" in space. An innovation with clear customer benefits:
- Faster, more stable results for higher productivity.
- Clever accessories for greater efficiency.
- Easier cleaning that saves time.

SmartGrid, the grid weighing pan for faster results

SmartGrid is the name of the latest advance in weighing. The hanging weighing pan presents less surface area for air turbulence in the weighing chamber to act on than conventional weighing pans. The result: shorter stabilization times and faster availability of weighing results.

ErgoClips – the professional accessory for greater efficiency
ErgoClips, the new accessory for the grid weighing pan, adapts the scale to your individual needs. Three different holders for test tubes, round-bottom flasks, and single-use aluminum pans ensure safe, professional handling of your samples. The combination of SmartGrid and ErgoClips simplifies your specific weighing operations and helps you set new records for weighing efficiency.

Easy cleaning thanks to SmartGrid
The new weighing pan with grid structure has several advantages for cleaning. Because the weighing pan has no feedthrough below, any sample substance which is spilt falls through the grid and is caught by the tray underneath. The tray can be easily removed and quickly cleaned.
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