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Optimal process development and stringent quality control ensure efficient mining processes. METTLER TOLEDO Density Meters provide accurate and quick results for quality control checks and the In Situ Particle System Characterization optimizes flocculation.

Simple Density Determination of Liquids Within Seconds

The density of lubricants, oils or process chemicals are tested to ensure reliable mining processes. The LiquiPhysics™ Benchtop Density Meters with their rugged design and ErgoSense™ for touch free operation, provide safe and quick measurements, even for untrained operators.


Optimize Flocculation and Sedimentations

Flocculation is a common separation technique in mining industries and its effectiveness influences downstream separation, settling, flotation and purification. With In Situ Particle System Characterization, floc distribution can be measured in-line and in real time at full process concentrations without sampling.

Sophisticated Software Solutions

LabX software securely manages the entire application from beginning to end. The software guides the user through the whole process, calculates results, generates customized reports and finally stores everything on a central server. Exactly the same method can be used for all instruments via the network and analysis data can easily be monitored from any office.
LiquiPhysics™ Benchtop Density Meters
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