Test and Calibration Weights:

  • Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Cast Iron
  • Selection: Wire (triangle, square, pentagon), Knob, Sheet weights
  • Nominal values from 0.05 mg to 5 tons
  • OIML Class E1 to M3
  • ANSI/ASTM Class 1 to 4



Perform routine testing of balances securely with only what you need – two test weights. Save time and cost with a CarePac®.


Single Weights

OIML and ANSI/ASTM stainless steel knob weights, wire weights and sheet weights for calibration or routine testing to ensure reliable weighing processes.


Weight Sets

OIML and ANSI/ASTM stainless steel weight sets with knob-, wire-, and sheet weights for calibration or routine testing to ensure reliable weighing processes.


Microgram Weights

Specially designed for calibration below 1 mg, these precisely engineered weights range from 0.05 mg to 0.50 mg and are available individually or in different weight set combinations.


Industrial Weights

METTLER TOLEDO supplies a wide range of industrial weights up to 5 t, satisfying global OIML specifications as well as NIST Handbook 105-1 requirements.


Weight Accessories

This comprehensive range of accessories for professional weight handling includes tweezers, weight forks, weight grips and leather gloves.


Calibration Service

Clean, calibrate, adjust and document results in a calibration certificate. All this at our ISO17025 accredited Mass Laboratories around the world.

Download Center Weights

Download brochures, data sheets or any other documentation relating to Weights.

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