Remote Inventory Solutions - METTLER TOLEDO

Remote Inventory Solutions

Weighing sensors are the perfect tool to remotely monitor inventory levels. They can be used in a number of different ways:
  • Smart shelves: Weighing sensors are integrated with shelves. Digital communication allows remotely checking the weight of all bins individually and converting the weight into actual stock levels of any material (MRO, electrical components, fasteners, PPE etc).
  • Mobile racks: Thanks to a wireless connection it is also possible to check inventory levels on mobile racks. Mobile racks can be used wherever they are needed on the production floor (Point-of-Use).
  • Vending machines: Very useful for all types of MRO materials, which can not be dispensed or controlled in traditional ways
  • Containers for construction sites: Jobsite containers bring the tools and the supplies close to the spot where they are needed (Point-of-Use).  This dramatically reduces the time wasted to walk back to the main stockroom

All these solutions allow remote access or visibility to your actual inventory levels. In combination with appropriate access control systems they can also be used for accountability, which has already shown dramatic savings in actual installations.

METTLER TOLEDO weighing pads, smart shelves and pallet scales for inventory control are available in ranges from 1.5 kg up to 1’000 kg. All have digital connectivity for easy integration into existing networks.

With years of experience in these applications we are today the leading supplier of weighing components for integration in such inventory systems.