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Conductivity and TDS Measurements Done Right

While conductivity measurements are commonplace and a frequently used practice to determine concentration of dissolved substances in a sample, a number of important parameters must be considered to ensure precise and reliable conductivity measurements.

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TDS Benchtop Meters

The premium and routine level benchtop instruments allow for electrical conductivity(uS/cm, mS/cm), TDS (mg/L), salinity (psu), and resistivity (MOhm*cm) measurements.

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TDS Portable Meters

The ergonomically designed TDS portable meters provide optimum convenience and high performance during mobile work.

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InLab Conductivity Probes

Conductivity in water solutions is measured and converted to total dissolved solids (TDS).

Precise and reliable, the InLab conductivity probes  mend maximum precision with easy handeling, regardless of application.

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METTLER TOLEDO offers a wide variety of instruments, both for laboratory benches and for on-the-go, measuring a variety of electrochemical parameters:

Ion Concentration
Dissolved Oxygen

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