TGA Sorption Analyzer System - METTLER TOLEDO

TGA Sorption Analyzer System

The new TGA Sorption Analyzer is designed to analyze materials under defined conditions of temperature and relative humidity (RH). The design concept combines the performance and versatility of the large furnace TGA/DSC 1 thermobalance with a unique interface approach that allows the humidity generator to be added within a few minutes.
The TGA Sorption Analyzer consists of a controlled humidity generator, a heated transfer line to maintain the humidified air flow at a defined temperature, and an interface for attachment to the TGA.
The humidity interface  

The TGA Sorption Analyzer extends the application possibilities of the well-known large furnace TGA/DSC 1 thermobalance. With one TGA system it is now possible to perform:
  • Traditional weight change experiments up to 1100 °C or 1600 °C.
  • Sorption studies under conditions of defined relative humidity and temperature.

Application example 

Polymer - Plasticization 

Water can drastically change the physical and chemical properties of polymers. The effects are seen as a: 
  • Reduction in mechanical strength through plasticization
  • Shift in the glass transition to lower temperatures due to increased free volume and swelling.

Polymers such as polyamides absorb appreciably more moisture than most other engineering plastics. In the figure below, a sample of polyamide 6 is switched from low to high RH. This allows the extent of water uptake to be determined. In this case, there was an increase in weight of 8.3% at 95% RH.