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When You Purchase a pH Meter Kit

Qualifying Promotional Items

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Free pH Buffer Solutions
Receive a six-month supply of buffer to ensure that your measurements are precise.

  • Rainbow sachets for SevenExcellence™ meter kit
  • Rainbow Pack for SevenCompact™/FiveEasy™
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Free UMix™ Magnetic Stirrer
Using an UMix Magnetic Stirrer during buffer and sample measurements, results in a faster response time and more precise results. Free with the purchase of a SevenExcellence or SevenCompact meter kit.

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Free USB-P25 Printer
Avoid transcription errors and ensure complete data records with a USB-P25 printer. Yours free with the purchase of a SevenExcellence meter kit

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Free pH Expertise
Take advantage of our free comprehensive library of pH expertise including guides, white papers, on-demand webinars, and more!

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