METTLER TOLEDO Load Cells and Weigh Modules

METTLER TOLEDO offers laboratory and industrial weigh modules to convert a tank or other structure into a scale. Whether you have a need in your laboratory solution or your industrial application, METTLER TOLEDO has an appropriate product offering from replacements to complete weigh module systems.

Weigh Mounts (Compression Weigh Modules)Weigh Mounts (Compression Weigh Modules)For static-loading applications such as tanks and for dynamic loading applications such as conveyors.
Tension Mounts (Tension Weigh Modules)Tension Mounts (Tension Weigh Modules)For suspended tanks, hoppers, and other weighing applications.
High Precison Weighing ModulesHigh Precison Weighing ModulesWeighing modules specifically designed for the use in automated processes under industrial environmental conditions
Single Ended Beam Load CellsSingle Ended Beam Load CellsTypically used in multiples in floor scales, tank weighing and conveyor scales.
Canister/RingTypically used in multiples in compression in vehicle scales, tank and hopper weighing.
Double Ended Beam Load CellsDouble Ended Beam Load CellsDouble ended beams include center and end loaded styles for tank and hopper weighing and vehicle scales.
S-Cells/Tension-CellsTypically used in tension applications in tank and hopper weighing.

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