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Candy and Confectionery

One in every four American adults will choose to have at least one piece of candy every day. In this market, precision is important especially in confectionary stores. The Ariva line of scales are perfect because they provide fast weighing and exceptional transaction speed.

Coffee and Nuts

Want something to go "nuts'"about? Our Impact scales can label pre-packaged food, from coffee beans to nuts or whatever you sell in bulk. The weighing and labeling process doesn’t need to be complicated--let us help make it easy for you!

Frozen Yogurt

Did you know that 68.8% of frozen yogurt stores are self-service? Speed and accuracy are the amenities you want to give your customers. The Ariva-S Mini would be the ideal solution because it helps maximize counter space, benefits customer-employee interaction and gives the customer that quick 'in and out' experience.