Innovative pipettes and tips - For top performance in research - METTLER TOLEDO

Innovative pipettes and tips - For top performance in research


Secure sampling

Multi-channel pipettes with LTS for consistent sample loading
Practical tips for professionals and beginners

METTLER TOLEDO provides good pipetting practice guidelines and practical examples along with valuable tips and tricks for pipetting.

Have a look at our Reference Section in the Academia World of Wonders flipping book.
Academia pipettes selection

When sterile isn't clean enough
RAININ BioClean™ tips are completely inert and will not affect results. A must for successful experiments.
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 Pipette 96 wells at once with RAININ Liquidator 96

Liquidator 96 speeds up workflow with no complicated programming or technician time required. 96 well-plates can be filled in less than 20 seconds. Also suitable for re-pipetting 96 and 384 well-plates.
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 World’s first manual adjustable-spacer multichannel pipette

The Pipet-Lite adjustable spacer allows format changing for work in different well-plate and tube array formats. A simple turn is all that is required to space the tips.
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The invention of the  micropipette.
The first micropipette was invented only around 50 years ago by the young physician Heinrich Schnitger born in 1925 in Germany. His device already had all the essential features of what would later become the modern micropipette.

Great webinars
You can join a wide array of webinars to gain knowledge about various topics from process optimization and applications to advanced techniques.
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