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White Paper

White Paper: Intrinsically Safe
Weighing Solutions

White Paper

Accidents in hazardous areas can have dramatic consequences for businesses in terms of both human life and profit. Let our white paper “Intrinsically Safe Solutions: Accurate Weighing in Hazardous Areas” help you decipher various protection methods and the regulations that guide their implementation.




Intrinsic safety offers process safety and efficiency. Intrinsically safe weighing equipment and ex certification provide advantages and are globally accepted by organizations such as IECEx.

Intrinsic safety classification

Two primary considerations must be taken into account when choosing the right weighing equipment for hazardous areas. They are the right classification and the appropriate method of ignition protection.

As described in the white paper, if you seek to increase process safety while improving production efficiency, intrinsic safety is the protection method of choice. The method provides technical and economic advantages and is globally accepted by organizations such as IECEx, ATEX and FM.

Intrinsically safe equipment configurations

Among several ignition protection methods, the intrinsic safety and flameproof protection methods are similar when designing weighing equipment for hazardous areas. Intrinsic safety, however, is one of the safest protection methods available. It is also completely different from any other recognized method of protection for certified hazardous areas. The paper explains hazardous area classifications and ignition protection methods. It also describes the principles of the intrinsic safety protection method, highlights its benefits and gives some examples of possible hazardous-area weighing configurations.