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Reaction Insight from Every Experiment

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HPLC is a valuable workhorse in your lab, but what really happens between samples?

This paper presents five examples taken from recent journal articles in which HPLC alone was not sufficient to provide the insight scientists needed. In all cases, in-situ analytics complemented HPLC analysis resulting in improved synthesis steps:

  • Hidden Reaction Mechanisms - Transient Intermediate Detection in a Coupling Reagent
  • Reaction Insight at -78°C - Lithiation Reaction Optimization
  • Predict Reaction Endpoint, Before Sampling – Monitor Hydrogenation for Reaction Completion
  • Check Reaction Status While Waiting for HPLC Results - Decomposition Leading to Epimerization
  • Data Dense Kinetic Determination - Reaction Kinetics Parameters from a Single Experiment

If you have ever wondered if you could learn more from your reaction, this paper can help. It reveals offline analysis challenges and presents techniques to get complete reaction understanding under difficult conditions.

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Comprehensive Reaction Understanding

Insight into chemical reactions arises from a comprehensive understanding of reaction kinetics, mechanism and the effect of reaction variables on yields and impurity profiles. The need for safer and readily scalable reactions drive changes in how syntheses are performed, as an example, increased adoption of continuous flow methods. The analytical tools available to achieve reaction insight must also advance, driven by the demands to support more complex chemistry and new synthesis protocols. .