Grignard Reaction Scale-up – 4 Steps to Control Development - METTLER TOLEDO
White Paper

Grignard Reaction Scale-up – 4 Steps to Control Development

White Paper

Scale-Up of Highly Exothermic Grignard Chemistry

Exothermic Reaction Scale-up
Exothermic Reaction Scale-up

Exothermic chemical reactions pose inherent risks – especially during scale-up.  Published studies from top chemical and pharmaceutical companies show that by following four key steps, exothermic Grignard chemistry can be safely scaled-up from bench to manufacturing.

This white paper presents case studies showing how leading researchers overcome risks associated with highly exothermic Grignard reactions while increasing yield in both batch and continuous reactions.  By applying the following steps, with real-time analytical methods, safer processes with higher yields have been developed and scaled-up.

  1. Detecting Reaction Initiation
  2. Avoiding Accumulation During a Stalled Reaction
  3. Ensuring Consistent Reaction Endpoints
  4. Implementing Continuous Processing Methods With Reaction Analysis Control


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