Learn How to Use SevenDirect in Six Short Videos

How to Use SevenDirect


Learn How to Use SevenDirect in Six Short Videos

SevenDirect™ How-To

This 6-Part video series shows how to use SevenDirect from unpacking and installation to daily use and results handling

Part 1: Installation

Learn how to unpack and install SevenDirect as well as the EasyPlace™ electrode arm.


Part 2: Basic Operation

Learn how to navigate the SevenDirect menu, including the results list and log-in screen.


Part 3: Calibration

Learn how to calibrate SevenDirect and how to get the most out of the EasyPlace electrode arm in combination with calibration sachets.


Part 4: Verification

Learn how to use the verification function on SevenDirect.


Part 5: Measurement

Learn how to measure with SevenDirect, including sample ID entry, pre-measurement temperature checks, automatic stirring and limit checks.


Part 6: SevenDirect and EasyDirect™ pH

Learn how to connect SevenDirect to the EasyDirect pH PC software, as well as how to transfer data, activate automatic export, synchronize date and time and create charts.