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Video Gallery

Discover your benefits from industrial weighing solutions with short video clips

Hygienic by Design - Efficient to Clean
See how floor scales from METTLER TOLEDO are designed to assure food safety and quality with hygienic constructions

Robust by Design – For maximum Uptime
See how floor scales from METTLER TOLEDO are designed to safe costs and reduce waste with qualified weighing solutions

Safe by Design – Easy to Handle
See how floor scales from METTLER TOLEDO are designed to increase productivity by improving process speed

Designed to Speed up Production where Hygiene Counts
See complete overview - all 4 videos in one – 3 min 40 sec

Speed up Manual Over/under Checkweighing, Portioning and Classifying
See how ColorWeight display and the integrated applications can ramp up daily production - 70 sec

Ergonomic, Mobile, Easy to Use
Learn about modular solutions configured to your needs for fast & precise operations – 65 sec

Hygienically Designed for Fast and Thorough Cleaning
Reduced risk of bacteria contamination – 70 sec

Built to Last in Tough Industrial Environment
See how the full stainless steel construction easily withstands heavy routine work – 70 sec

PUA579 Floor Scale for hygienic sensitive areas
Whether certified according to GMP or in conformity with EHEDG – the PUA579 floor scale meets the highest requirements in hygienic sensitive areas.

Ultimate Lightning Protection
METTLER TOLEDO has developed technology that can protect your vehicle scale investment. The POWERCELL PDX load cell system provides a barrier of protection against lightning damage that is proven in laboratory testing.

Environmental Protection
Truck Scales must perform in all types of environmental conditions. Temperature extremes and moisture can cause failures in many weighing technologies. METTLER TOLEDO has developed technology that to protect your vehicle scale from the elements.

Eliminate Junction Boxes Junction boxes are the primary source of weighing errors and downtime in vehicle scales. The new POWERCELL PDX load cell system from METTLER TOLEDO solves this problem by eliminating the need for junction boxes. The result is unmatched reliability.

Weighbridge Testing
All reputable truck scale manufacturing companies should use 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). However, METTLER TOLEDO does not rely solely on theoretical testing. Each design goes through advanced lifecycle testing before it can be sold to a customer.

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