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Webinar: 4 Ways to Combat Rising Costs with Product Inspection: Flow Wrap Edition

Discover smart product inspection solutions to elevate the safety and quality of your flow wrapped products

Program Overview

  • Basics of the production and packaging process
  • Product inspection insertion points along the horizontal flow wrap line
  • Inspection of naked product
  • Inspection after primary packaging
  • Inspection after secondary packaging
  • Data management and service offerings

Register for our OnDemand webinar: 4 Ways to Combat Rising Costs with Product Inspection: Flow Wrap Edition. Learn how our innovative product inspection technologies can help you reduce costs and improve product quality and safety. You'll also discover the advantages of different product inspection solutions at various insertion points along a horizontal flow wrap production line. 

The webinar - recorded live on May 8th, 2024 - will include demonstrations of some of our most popular product inspection technologies to showcase their cutting-edge features and benefits in high-speed production environments.

In addition, we discuss how METTLER TOLEDO acts as a trusted product inspection partner, offering complete solutions including software and servicing.

Target audience

Packaging Engineers, Production or Manufacturing Managers, IT Specialists, Global Food Retailers, Quality Control Specialists, Food Safety Specialists, Production & Packaging, Operation Managers, CEOs, Change Management Agents, Quality Assurance Managers, Quality Assurance Operators.


Image of Niall McRory

Niall McRory

Global Key Account Manager, METTLER TOLEDO Product Inspection Division

Niall has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and over 30 years’ experience in a wide variety of roles including: manufacturing, design, technical sales, senior management, and most recently global key account management. Since 2016 Niall has closely worked with global key accounts for the supply of product inspection solutions and services.