Good Titration Practice™ of Petrochemicals
On Demand Webinar

Good Titration Practice™ of Petrochemicals

On Demand Webinar

Good Titration Practice™ of Petrochemicals
Matt Eby – Technology and Applications Consultant

Matt has worked for METTLER TOLEDO for 18 years in a variety of roles; Technical Support, Technical Support Manager, Sales Representative, Global Product Manager, Global Key Account Manager and is currently a Technology & Applications Consultant.

Matt is a technical expert regarding titrations, density, refractometry, melting and dropping point. He supports sales reps and customers in these fields.

From the ground to the engine of a vehicle, the quality control of petrochemicals is critical in every stage of the process. Water sensitivity of petrochemicals as well as their non-aqueous solubility requires special handling of the samples and specific sensors and solvents used in their analysis.

This GTP Petrochemical Webinar offers knowledge and tips to assist you in optimizing your oil and fuel analysis; TAN, TBN and mercaptans.

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Matt Eby

Whether analyzing crude coming out of the ground, a lubricant for heavy plant machinery or the oil in your car, petrochemicals are extremely sensitive to environmental change and need constant monitoring.  Set quality limits of fuels, oils and lubricants ensure proper performance of the machinery in which they are used where failures could result in critical failures. This webinar offers application and chemical knowledge of the various potentiometric titrations commonly covered by ASTM, focusing on:

  • Total Acid Number: ASTM D664 and D8045
  • Total Base Number: ASTM D2896 and D4739
  • Mercaptans by ASTM D3227 and UOP167

In addition to application and chemistry knowledge, learn expert tips on solvent management, sensor maintenance, sampling and method programming to optimize your result accuracy and repeatability.