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Impact of Process Intensification on Process Safety

Safe Handling of High Energy Materials and Hazardous Chemistry with Nalas Engineering

Nalas Engineering Services offers a “one stop shop” of services for chemical process development with safety as its cornerstone. Process safety is constantly evolving as new technologies are researched and developed. The traditional process safety protocols do not always capture hazards inherent to process intensification. Nalas has experience with handling high energy materials and extremely hazardous chemistry.

A traditional process safety assessment is completed on a nitration that is destined for continuous processing using the Corning Advanced Flow Reactor. Nalas opens their chemistry, analytics, and engineering toolbox to solve the nitration challenges affording a successful campaign.

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Jerry Salan

Jerry Salan

Nalas Engineering Services, Inc.

Jerry Salan started his career working as a contractor and then civil servant for the US Navy. His primary responsibilities included managing the production of torpedo fuel and developing processes to novel energetic materials. He successfully scaled up dozens of materials to pilot scale with the help of his fellow scientists and operators. He was fortunate to develop several continuous processing that produced hundreds of kilograms of explosives. In 2007, Jerry worked at Pfizer Inc. in Groton, Connecticut where his focus remained on developing continuous process in the pharma arena. In 2010, Jerry started Nalas with the goal to support small and large pharma business and continue developing processes for the military. He has a 20,000 square foot facility stocked with equipment to support your needs.