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On Demand Webinar

Data-Rich Experimentation Across Scale

On Demand Webinar

Leveraging PAT and Reactor Automation for Robust Process Design

Data-Rich Experimentation Across Scale
Data-Rich Experimentation Across Scale

Data-rich experimentation (DRE) can take on different meanings depending on the scientist and their day-to-day role, but at the core of DRE lies a central tenant with the goal of maximizing the value of every experiment. Within the pharmaceutical industry, the increasing complexity of processes and compressed timelines requires scientists to have a deeper understanding of their processes at every scale of development. Recent advances in biocatalysis have introduced new areas for adoption of DRE tools and highlights the importance of a unified DRE strategy.

In this webinar, Keith Mattern discusses the great strides Merck has made to give scientists access to DRE tools, whether running small-scale screens in the lab or processing clinical or commercial scale supply batches. Mattern also reviews how DRE strategies must go beyond simply purchasing and installing new tools and must consider:

  • How technologies will be deployed
  • How to maximize their utility
  • How to ensure long-term adoption across a diverse organization and across these varied reaction scales and chemistries

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Keith Mattern - Merck & Co., Inc.
37 Minutes

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