How to Prepare Media for Cell Culture | Webinar
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Cell Culture Media Solution Preparation

On Demand Webinar

In-process characterization and tech transfer to CMO

cell culture media solution preparation
cell culture media solution preparation

In-line monitoring platform was employed to evaluate the media dissolution process at development scale. The key factors, i.e., pH, temperature, particle size, etc., were real-time monitored to better understand the potential impact that would affect hydration and/or lead the precipitation.

We share a case study regarding incomplete dissolution of media solutions during technology transfer to CMO. It shows the importance of using scale down model for screening factors that could impact the media solution preparation process.

Key topics:

  • Real-time monitoring to enable the understanding of the process
  • Leveraging technology to better support tech transfer process 
Yue Hu, Ph.D. | Janssen R&D
20 minutes

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