Understanding Scale-up Risks in Early-Stage Process Development - METTLER TOLEDO
On Demand Webinar

Understanding Scale-up Risks in Early-Stage Process Development

On Demand Webinar

Process Development Heat Flow Data

A best practice during process development involves understanding safety risks associated with a chemical reaction. The earlier that non-scalable conditions are recognized, the more easily a process can be modified with improvements for safety. This webinar discusses new techniques that allow chemists and engineers to develop safe and scalable processes in the chemistry lab at the milliliter scale.
Urs Groth
17 Minutes

During this presentation, Urs Groth explains how reaction calorimetry techniques performed at 100 ml volume provide scientists with information to quickly screen conditions and safely scale-up - without the need for large testing volumes.

Examples presented include:

  • Identifying the True Heat Release Pattern
  • Detecting Heat Release While Changing Temperature
  • Understanding the Effect of Heat Accumulation
  • Screening For Scalability Issues at Small Scale
  • Eliminating Risk of Runaway Reactions 

Understanding Scale-up Risks in Early-Stage Process Development
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