Improve Emulsion Stability
On Demand Webinar

Improve Emulsion Stability

On Demand Webinar

Particle/Droplet Size For Emulsions and Liquid Formulations

Particle or droplet size is critical to improve the stability of emulsions and liquid formulations. Ideally, scientists and engineers accelerate their understanding of stability, consistency, and shelf life by measuring the droplet size distribution in real time to detect the moment de-emulsification, coalescence, flocculation, or ripening occurs. The stability of emulsions varies with dilution, temperature, pH, or pressure. Offline sampling can often alter or destroy emulsion components and offline measurements often cannot be applied to make real-time process optimization and control decisions.

Benjamin Smith

In situ particle size analysis speeds development time by enabling formulators to optimize the surfactant, shear, and raw materials without the need for offline sampling or analysis. Formulators can also optimize product quality by linking product consistency and stability to the particles and droplets as they actually exist in process. For scale-up, the ability to track changes to the inline particle size distribution is important to control target particle size distributions for a repeatable final product formulation.

This webinar discusses how to speed process development and ensure production consistency in real time without sampling. The application of in situparticle size analyzers are demonstrated:

  • Controlling Lotion-Cream Stability – Merck Consumer Products (11 Minutes)
  • MicroEncapsulation – Food & Drug Administration (5 Minutes)
  • De-Emulsification for Oil-Water Separation – FMC Technologies (16 Minutes)
  • Emulsification for Crude Oil Viscosity Modifier – Nalco Chemical
  • Emulsion and Polymerization - DuPont (5 Minutes)


Benjamin Smith is a Chemical Engineer dedicated to the use of inline particle characterization technologies for the development, scale-up and manufacturing of processes. As a result, companies bring products to market faster, at lower costs and with higher quality.

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