Real Time Microscopy For Particles, Crystals and Droplets - METTLER TOLEDO
On Demand Webinar

Real Time Microscopy For Particles, Crystals and Droplets

On Demand Webinar
This presentation discusses how to use real time microscopy for particles, crystals and droplets to develop high quality processes in less time and at lower costs than traditional microscopy.
Des O'Grady
7 Minutes

This presentation first discusses the limitations of offline microscopy including:

  • Long time delays between sampling and viewing images
  • Difficulty viewing particles in pressurized, explosive or toxic systems
  • A lack of confidence in results since particles - in particular crystals and droplets - can change when sampled
  • Inability to acquire enough offline images, at the right time, to provide useful process understanding
This webinar introduces new probe-based technology utilizing real-time microscopy that now allows you to visualize particles and particle mechanisms as they exist in process.  Applications include:
  • Directly observing critical crystallization mechanisms:
    • Seeding
    • Growth
    • Nucleation
    • Agglomeration
    • Breakage
  • Viewing how droplet size changes in real time under real process conditions
  • Identifying unexpected process events such as shape or phase changes
  • Evaluating process conditions to  target a specific particle size and shape distribution

By viewing particles as they exist in process, scientists become more effective at making high-quality, low-risk, evidence-based decisions that support cost effective optimization, scale-up and control.
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