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Continuous Flow Technology

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Breaking Barriers to Manufacturing Innovation

Continuous Flow Technology Breaking Barriers to Manufacturing Innovation
Continuous Flow Technology Breaking Barriers to Manufacturing Innovation

Frederic Buono discusses how Boehringer Ingelheim uses continuous flow technology to break barriers in manufacturing innovation.  Join over 500 researchers who have already viewed this presentation.

Frederic Buono, PhD - Senior Principle Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim
29 Minutes

Continuous flow technology is an innovative tool that provides improved chemical process efficiency, economics, and environmental benefits as compared to traditional batch processes. Accordingly, the use of this technology in the pharmaceutical industry has increased and provided a value-added approach for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing.  Process intensification through continuous flow technology addresses many of the principles of green chemistry.  These provide researchers with the ability to achieve:

  • Higher Chemical Efficiency
  • Increased Process Robustness
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Safer Operability
  • Lower Costs
  • Reduced Energy Consumption

Over the last few years, Boehringer Ingelheim has implemented and integrated continuous flow technology into their workflow with demonstrated positive impact on API delivery in supporting drug discovery and development.  Through detailed mechanistic and kinetic studies of chemical reactions, they have successfully applied this innovative technology to produce APIs on the multi-kilogram scale for a number of R&D projects.  In-house capabilities, including low temperature, high temperature, energetic, catalytic and hydrogenation as well as challenges and opportunities are discussed in the presentation.

Continuous Flow Technology
Frederic Buono

Presenter: Dr. Frederic Buono
Frederic Buono has 13 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry.  In his current role as a Senior Principal Scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim, he is leading, developing and implementing continuous flow technology for several projects from gram to multi-kilogram scale process, by using in situ monitoring techniques, kinetic studies and modeling for process optimization.  Dr. Buono is originally from France, where he earned his PhD in organic chemistry and chemical engineering degree from “Ecole Centrale de Marseille”. He then moved to England to do his postdoctoral under supervision of Pr. D. Blackmond, where he works in the area of physical organic chemistry and where he developed several kinetic models of mechanism of organic reactions.  Dr. Buono started his pharmaceutical career in the Process Group of Bristol-Myers Squibb. 

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