Scale-Up of Anti-Solvent Addition Crystallizations

Optimization and Scale-up of Anti-solvent Addition Crystallizations from Lab to Pilot Plant

Program Overview

  • Case Study 1: Impact of Turbulent Mixing on Crystallization
  • Case Study 2: Overcoming Poor Anti-Solvent Addition Points
  • Case Study 3: Developing an Optimal Anti-Solvent Addition Profile

The webinar focuses on a semi-quantitative method for the optimization and scale-up of hydrodynamically limited anti-solvent crystallization process. This protocol combines in-situ Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to facilitate the production of a knowledge based scale-up strategy for this mixing limited crystallization process. A "scale-up toolbox" is used to optimize bench scale crystallizations to produce efficient, repeatable crystallizations. 

Certain attributes of turbulent mixing have been identified to impact key crystallization characteristics, including:

About the Presenter

Mark Barrett

Group CEO & Co-Founder, APC & VLE Therapeutics

Mark Barrett received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from University College Dublin (UCD). His thesis work focused on crystallization development and scale-up. Prior to co-founding APC in 2011, Mark worked for Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster (SSPC) and Schering Plough.