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InMotion KF Oven Autosampler Infographic

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inmotion kf oven infographic
inmotion kf oven infographic

The InMotion KF Oven Autosampler infographic provides an overview of gas phase extraction in Karl Fischer titration.


Determination of water content by Karl Fischer titration is only possible if the water in the sample is freely available. For certain materials, water may be unavailable or release water slowly; alternatively they may undergo side reactions with the Karl Fischer reagent. In these cases a drying oven may assist the analysis. This workflow is visualized in the infographic together with accompanying text on the gas phase extraction technique.

Download the InMotion KF Oven Autosampler infographic for more information at a glance.



Download the InMotion KF Oven Autosampler infographic to understand at a glance how the instrument works and learn more about the gas phase extraction

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The InMotion Karl Fischer Autosampler provides precise and efficient Karl Fischer measurement performance. With a variety of innovative features and accessories, you can improve workflow efficiency and user safety. With improved productivity and an ergonomic space-saving design, it is the perfect instrument to have in the lab, in every industry.

To learn more about the InMotion KF Oven Autosampler watch the product video.

Straightforward Sample Preparation

The innovative one-piece cap enables simple and fast sample prep with less chance of chemical exposure. Weigh your sample directly and fasten the screw cap to protect your sample from moisture and air contamination. Increase lab efficiency with less time spent preparing samples, and more time spent analyzing the Sample Preparation

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The Karl Fischer method is easily applicable to a huge variety of samples. This guide shows you the best way to use the InMotion Karl Fischer Autosampler as well as other advanced methods to prepare your samples.

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