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Good Titration Practice in Surfactant Titration

Know How

Analytical Techniques Used for Surfactant Analysis

Good Titration Practice in Surfactant Titration
Good Titration Practice in Surfactant Titration

Surfactants and detergents are used in our daily lives and many industrial processes. Analysis of surfactants is critical to ensuring the quality of products.

However, with constantly evolving demands for better performance, the composition of these products has become more and more complex, making analysis a real challenge. METTLER TOLEDO offers a comprehensive guide to analyzing surfactants using titration so you can be confident that your products meet the highest standards of quality.

Our guide covers a range of techniques to help you accurately titrate active surfactants within even the most complex sample matrices. And with the right analytical equipment, including a dedicated surfactant sensor, you can achieve the selectivity required for precise results.

Download the guide now and take your surfactant analysis to the next level. We're excited to see what you'll achieve with these powerful tools at your fingertips!


  • Surfactant titration at a glance
  • Basics of surfactants
  • Overview of titration techniques
  • Turbidimetric titration
  • Colorimetric two-phase titrations
  • Potentiometric titrations in the aqueous phase
  • Potentiometric two-phase titrations
  • Chemical reactions in surfactant titration
  • Surfactant titration: Comparison of different techniques